Our Farm Your Table!

Our Farm Your Table!
Our Farm, Your Table

Events on The Farm

Welcome To Lusoi Farm

Lusoi Farm is a great spot with very wonderful View

Nestled on the rolling Lusoi Farm of Narumoru Town, the sheer beauty of the farm setup will make your event an unforgetable one.

We have annual Farm To Table Events, You can come walk your Dog on the vast Farm, Have Picnics and Many Other Activities Out Of Town With Enjoyable Experiences

Farm To Table

The Farm to Table Dining Experience at the Lusoi Farm. We have 51 varieties of crops including experimenting on Spelt Wheat, Japanese vegetables from one of the oldest seed companies in the USA. We use at a minimum 23 of the varieties we are growing.You get to also plant some seeds, water, harvest some bounty, take a walk, ride a bike and herd the goats among others


Dog Walking

Walk Your Dog On the Farm, A day Out On the Farm

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