Our Farm Your Table!

Our Farm Your Table!
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Our Farm, Your Table
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Who We Are

ken & kate

I was born and raised in Nairobi and in my professional career I worked in both in CBD in town and in Industrial Area. Over the years I ended up spending no less than 2 hours each day in traffic. When I did the math, I realized that I was spending almost 24 days of the year in traffic. The same amount of time as my annual leave.

At the same time I was a classic "telephone farmer," trying to develop a farm from afar, with regular visits and making every mistake in the book; from hiring relatives, not keeping good records or cultivating a relationship with my environment and community.

When I met Kate and tasted the love with which she cooked, I was hooked and found a different way to farm. How could we produce the ingredients that she and all chefs and cooks needed ? How could we farm efficiently, in smaller batches, for flavor, fun and the fellowship that we find at meal times?

As we begun to travel this journey together, we eventually reached the point where we decided to make the move out of town on to the farm to learn a different way of living and connecting with our environment and community.

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